Elmo cut out cookies

hey y'all welcome back to my channel so today is day two of doing the up the Sesame Street MO cookie and I have my dough here out of the refrigerator so today we're going to do the cutting of the cookie and the baking and the decorating them today so you just want to take your dough out you can work with it by cutting this in half you can place it back in the fridge wait until you're ready to use it or you can just leave it out but I will recommend putting it back in the fridge until you're ready to use it that's just so you can keep it it can stay cool so what you want to do is get your dough and just need around some because once we cut our cookies we're gonna place it in the refrigerator or if you want it quicker you can place it in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes and then take them straight out and put them in your 350 degree oven for 12 minutes okay I have my guide I have two star rulers that I got from Home Depot and I just put two together with rubber bands and I want to place these under my freshmen paper make sure that even okay and then I like oh alright remember I said do not add any more doses go ahead and roll your dough out I just want to make sure your guys still stay in place the rolling can help you keep your cookies all the same thickness [Music] okay wanna roll over that one more time and I'm using a four inch cookie cutter no go get your water please so how do I pick that off we're gonna cut mo out just press down on it and keep cutting him you don't have to shake the cookie cutter at all just press down all corners in size and then just slip up if I can get another one out of this yes and then I just remove all that extra dough around it and it's still cold and then I pick get my spatula here and not just lay it out with my parchment paper on them and just pick up your cookie like so and the reason we're putting it in the freezer it's so I clicking can keep its shape what you could do is if you find it a little difficult that your spatula is yeah a dough is sticking to your especially because it's matter you can put some flour on it which is what I'm about to do we're not adding any extra dough we're just putting it on that side easy pickup here you can also do this as well with your paper if you want to cut one cut them out one by one you can do that as well and take them up so there you have my cutout emmos for my cookie sheet and you just continue to do it I'm just getting the extra dough that was here on the off let's continue the project until you got all of it set up so once I have all these set up and then half set in the frigerator for well actually I'm gonna put my eyes in the freezer actually the frigerator because I don't have any room in my freezer right now all right be back in a moment all right you guys so I rolled out on my cookie this is all the dough I have left and this is just enough I'm just gonna do one cookie monster cuz but it's not included with that order this is just so much fun to have a cookie to eat and I'm gonna decorate it with you got what you guys so you can see so now my cookies are born in the fridge ready to cool off to cool off to chill so they can harden up more and then we're gonna put them in the oven for 12 minutes at 350 degrees and then we'll come back once they're out okay so why my cookies are in the frigerator in the meantime I'm gonna go ahead and sift my confectioner sugar you always see me do this before so I'm just gonna do it again for you guys on camera those who haven't saw it go ahead and I'm gonna do it for you guys there's my first cup I'm doing four cups of confectioner's sugar I think the last video I had I did this with egg whites today I'm going to be using Wilton's the Wilton's meringue powder you can get this from your craft store a fake store Walmart sell it too and my oven is ready we got three more minutes to talk and put them cookies in the oven let's get this sifted and first before I put in that mask here it's my meringue powder and I'm going to use three tablespoons of it this is going to give me a stiff consistency and not much coming these things but there are bigger ones which is sometimes I would prefer to use egg whites unless someone says they don't want to you know they can't have the egg or whatnot then I substitute for this meringue powder but since I haven't put this in my video I'll put it on camera with me using the wheelchair for you guys those who wanted to see it we stiff because we don't want any lumps within my royal icing this is why we sip alright now you're gonna put in five tablespoons of water for five and then I'm gonna put in 1 tablespoon of vanilla you can put in whatever flavor and you want to use and I was just gonna mix this up [Music] I see that's very stiff all right Joe there's my timer for my cookies to go in so let's finish up with this first this is a very stiff consistency now to bring it down you want to add a some more water so here's the six tablespoon of water [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh yeah I think gotta mess up my mixer it's coming out but this is the stiff consistent consistency you want and you just keep adding water to when you talk how you want it when you want to use it all right so stay tuned for the next video on decorating the cookies I'll be back once the cookies have come out of the oven and once they're cool if you're new to my channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you're old to my channel thank you for tuning in with me please put your questions comments and below and thank you all for watching bye